DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

Obviously around here we love DIY projects, and this one is about as adorable, easy and cheap as they come! It's also perfectly customizable and no two wall hangings look the same. You might already have all of the items needed, but if not a quick trip to the craft store and $10 should do it!

Supplies Needed:


Wide-tooth comb

Dowel rod (We used a 1/8" rod)

Yarn in colors of your choice

Step 1:

To get started we cut a few pieces of each yarn, about 20 of each color. You'll need to trim some of the pieces at the end, so don't worry if they aren't all exactly the same length.

Step 2:

Next you'll grab your dowel rod, and the color of yarn you want your wall hanging to start with. Really any pattern or sequence of colors will look awesome, so just have fun with it! Fold your yarn in half, and place the looped end behind your dowel rod. Then just grab the rest of the yarn hanging down, pull it through the loop and pull until tight. Make sure to leave about an inch of the rod clear on both sides. 

Step 3:

Now you'll just continue making the same type of knot, alternating the yarn for your desired pattern. Make sure to keep the knots close together to cover up the dowel rod. Stop once your knots are about an inch away from the end of the rod. 

Step 4:

To make the hanger, just simply cut a piece of your yarn of choice, and tie a knot on each end. 

Step 5:

This step is easiest if you place the wall hanging on the wall, and let the yarn hang down. Just simply comb through the yarn to make things a little neater, and prepare for trimming the ends. 

Step 6:

Lastly, just trim the ends as you desire! I decided to trim the ends straight across, but something asymmetrical and a little messy would be awesome. Wah-lah! You now have a beautiful wall hanging that probably only took a few minutes. 

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